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Nov 8, 2019

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  That old saying can be applied to hospice care. The Heart of Hospice is out to change the way healthcare professionals talk about end of life care.  The outdated urban myths about hospice are only perpetuated by the thoughtless things we say.


Nov 2, 2019

Hospice professionals are dedicated people.  Teams all over the world provide care for seriously ill patients.  There are regulations and surveys to deal with, along with laws, ethics, and professional boundaries.  Those realities guide how we care for our patients, but they’re not why we do the work in end of...

Nov 1, 2019

To kick off National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, we’re talking with Judi Lund Person, BA, MBH, CHC, NHPCO’s Vice President, Regulatory and Compliance.  Judi is the voice of NHPCO and hospice providers across the U.S. in discussions with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

According to the

Oct 25, 2019

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month and we’re celebrating the care that hospice and palliative care programs all over the country provide.  This year’s theme is “My Hospice: A Program that Works. A Benefit that Matters.”

Helen and Jerry take some time on this week’s Heartbeat to share some...

Oct 18, 2019

Don’t let the name fool you. The Death Deck game is really fun!  Irreverent, thought provoking, and funny - the discussion prompts and questions of the Death Deck card game help make those awkward conversations about death and dying so much easier. 

The hosts of The Heart of Hospice talk about using the game with a...