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May 1, 2021

The pandemic has created challenges in the ways hospice agencies provide bereavement care.  Hospice of Southern Maine is making the technology work.  Today’s guest is Carol Schoneberg is an End of Educator and Bereavement Services Manager for Hospice of Southern Maine.  Carol acknowledged that various challenges related to social distancing made the bereavement team think out of the box about how they could provide care when in-person groups had to be cancelled.  Using secure video conferencing, the bereavement support groups were revived.   Hospice of Southern Maine has been able to use technology to provide healing and connection for grievers in their community.  Your agency, regardless of size, can find innovative ways to use technology to provide bereavement care for your families.  Click here to see more about  bereavement services from Hospice of Southern Maine.  You’ll want to check out the opportunity at their 10th annual Thresholds Conference featuring Barbara Karnes and Dr. B.J. Miller on Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 1:00 - 4:30pm EST.  Affordable (only $35) and virtual, the Thresholds Conference is a great chance to learn from end of life industry icons. Click here to register.  Our other sponsor for today’s episode is GrandPad GrandPad is a great gift for any senior living alone or at a distance from loved ones.  With secure email, photo and video sharing, and video calling, GrandPad enables older adults to access technology in a user-friendly format.  Family members can help with set up and create a private GrandPad group using the Companion App.  Unlimited 4G LTE is included with the subscription and available nationwide so you can connect to loved ones from wherever you are.   The GrandPad team is dedicated to creating a world where no seniors are lonely or isolated!  Purchase a GrandPad for someone you love by clicking here.   The Heart of Hospice team is here to support your end of life journey, whether you’re a patient, a personal caregiver, or a hospice professional. Find us at or send an email to  We’re walking this journey with you - you are The Heart of Hospice.