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Aug 1, 2020

Our conversation with Kimberly Paul is going to make you think.  She challenges us to think about death and advance care plan conversations in a radically different way.  According to her website, Kimberly "chose to leave her dream job in television and film to discover the authentic stories at the bedside of the dying. Working for hospice was supposed to only be a temporary job until she could build relationships in the film industry in Wilmington, NC. But this temporary job spread over 17 years as Vice President of Communications and Outreach for a local hospice.  It never crossed Kimberly’s mind that her true calling would find her and lead to unexpected and bold intentions to become one of the leaders in the death positive movement happening in the United States today."  From her Death by Design podcast to her cross country “Live Well Die Well Tour”, Kimberly is promoting the death positive movement in some amazing ways.  Connect with Kimberly and find her book “Bridging the Gap” at  Needing hospice consulting services or a speaker at your conference or event? Connect with Helen and Jerry by emailing us at  We’ve love to collaborate with you to be part of your hospice journey.  Find more information about us at  You are The Heart of Hospice.