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Aug 26, 2022

Our guest Judy Cornish is the founder of the Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network and the creator of the DAWN Method, a method for working with people who have dementia that helps them develop and retain a sense of security and wellbeing. As an elder law attorney, Judy had no experience with people with dementia until she met a new neighbor and began to help her lead a full life.  Judy identified that the medical model doesn’t work well when it comes to managing life with dementia.  She created the DAWN Method, a system that’s simple enough to be used by caregivers in the home and works in care facilities as well.  Founded on the belief that dementia doesn’t take away all our skills, the DAWN Method fosters the skills and strengths of the individual.  Ms. Cornish’s organization provides online training programs for families and professional caregivers, as well as staff training for agencies and facilities. Her goal is to see dignified dementia care become available for all.

You can get more information about the DAWN Method here. 

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Access Judy's free resources for Dementia Training here.

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