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Nov 19, 2021

In episode 3 of our series in honor of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, we’re sharing what we think hospice will look like in the future, along with our wishes for end of life care.  The large Baby Boomer population is going to require skilled clinicians, and a lot of them!  The use of telehealth has become a valuable tool for hospice teams and will probably be used even more in the future. Hospice professionals, regardless of what discipline, will need to be skilled communicators to provide education to seriously ill patients and their caregivers.  When we think about changes we’d like to see happen in the hospice industry, changes to the 6 month terminal prognosis requirement are at the top of the list, to better fit what hospice care looks like now.   Mandatory formal education related to end of life care for physicians and nurses would be an important and valuable addition to the hospice profession, too.  Standardized education for spiritual counselors would be a great add-on, too, to ensure that spiritual care for terminally ill patients is provided by trained spiritual clinicians.  And at the top of our list - equitable care for all of races and populations across the United States.  Send us your wish list for hospice via email to

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