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Jan 17, 2020

How connected are you to social media?  If you find yourself overly connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social media platform you use, maybe a time of disconnection would be healthy. 

We’re challenging you to do a 2-week Social Media Fast. We’ll be doing it at the same time. Try using social media just for work needs. Set your cell phone and devices aside when you sit down to a meal.  Give your undivided attention to family and friends, faith practices, workouts, and quiet times for yourself.

Let us know how your Social Media Fast went by posting on our Facebook page - any tips about what worked for you would be welcomed!  We’ll keep you updated on how Jerry and Helen are managing this “electronic fasting”. Maybe it will become part of our healthy self care practices.

For more information on self care for both professional and unpaid caregivers, check out our resources at  Good luck with your self care challenge!