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Apr 21, 2023

Cathy VandenHeuvel, host of the Caregiver Cup podcast, is helping working women caregivers fill their cups.  She’s got a lot of caregiving wisdom to share.  Cathy and her siblings formed a caregiving team to care for both of their parents at the end of their lives.  Drawing on their individual strengths, they managed both care experiences - one without hospice care and one in partnership with a hospice agency.  As Cathy reflects back on the time she spent caring for her dad, she remembers important moments they shared.  For her family, it was especially important to honor her dad’s wishes to die in a place that was meaningful for him.  That location didn’t allow them to partner with a hospice agency.  Cathy’s experience with her mom was just as meaningful, but very different.  Hospice care supported the family as they navigated end stage cancer.  The end of life journeys of her parents were very different, and Cathy sings the praises of having a hospice team to help.  As host of the Caregiver Cup podcast, Cathy is teaching other caregivers what she learned.  She also provides personal support in Caregiver Cup Circles. The Circles help to reduce isolation and create community for other unpaid caregivers. Cathy’s approach is to “gather together with other women caregivers who are experiencing similar challenges, struggles and emotions”.  She knows it’s important that caregivers know they’re not going through a caregiving experience alone.  

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