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May 25, 2020

Danny Mack shares his humor and warmth in today’s Connection Moment. Danny’s work as a director of social workers and spiritual counselors, along with his personal journey, has taught him the value of remembering our “why”.  

Every hospice professional has a “why”, the reason they continue to show up to care for seriously ill patients.  Our “why” can help us to re-center and remember our purpose.  It reminds us of the value and purpose of hospice work. In stressful  times like the pandemic, it can be difficult to recall why we’re even doing this work. It’s ok to open about how we’re feeling. 

Danny urges us to look past the superficial responses our coworkers tend to give.  He even shares his musical talent with us, playing some Corona Virus Blues!  You can find more about Danny, his philosophy, and book him to speak at your next event by visiting dannymackorg. 

The Heart of Hospice is always here for you.  Your journey matters and we want to walk alongside you.  Find us at  You are The Heart of Hospice.