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Nov 1, 2021

 We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Jessica Zitter back to the podcast to talk about her new documentary “Caregiver: A Love Story”.  As a critical care and palliative care physician, Dr. Zitter has seen the true struggles of caregivers of loved ones with serious illness.  Dr. Zitter is also the author of Extreme Measures: Finding A Better Path to the End of Life, a book that offers an insider’s view of intensive care in America and its impact on how we die. Her work is featured in the 2017 Oscar- and Emmy-nominated short-documentary “Extremis”.  Her new documentary, “Caregiver: A Love Story” examines the rising public health crisis of family caregiver burden.  Dr. Zitter uses her voice for change and advocacy in healthcare to not only increase awareness, but to create positive changes for caregivers across the U.S.  

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