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Feb 17, 2023

Filmmaker Edgar Barens works with the Humane Prison Hospice Project to highlight the need for compassionate end-of-life programs in the US. prison system.  

According to Baren’s bio on the Humane Prison Hospice Project website, his “Academy Award-nominated (2014) documentary, Prison Terminal, has screened in more than 60 prisons and at more than 80 colleges, universities, and community centers. Edgar takes great satisfaction in his ability to tackle large-scale problems within the American criminal justice system and present them on a very personal level so that the destructive impact of a dysfunctional correctional system can be made more palpable to the viewer.”  His next film Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall chronicled the journey of inmate Jack Hall and his inmate brothers who were part of Jack’s care team up to and through his death.  Edgar witnessed incredible acts of kindness and compassion during his time with Jack and his hospice team.  

The Humane Prison Hospice Project works to “transform the way prisoners die, through education, advocacy, and training to support fellow prisoners as caregivers and grief companions”.

Prison Terminal trailer:

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