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Apr 7, 2023

Certified Caregiver Consultant Elizabeth Miller is helping other caregivers figure out how to stay healthy while juggling caregiving responsibilities.  Elizabeth describes herself as a life-long caregiver, a sandwich caregiver, as well as a hands-on and remote caregiver.  During the years she spent caring for her parents, Elizabeth learned her own caregiving style.  She’s a huge fan of proactive self care - don’t wait for the crisis to hit and the oxygen mask to drop.  Elizabeth’s family pulled together to take care of her mom and dad, each of them contributing to the caregiving according to their strengths.  She knows the value of caregiving support by employers as well and speaks to companies often about the impact of caregiving on their workforce.  It takes intention to be a great employee and be a great caregiver - and be happy and healthy as well. Nobody knows that better than Elizabeth Miller.   

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