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Jan 1, 2018

Jon & Michelle Braddock were faced with an almost insurmountable challenge when Michelle's father passed away unexpectedly at home on Labor Day, 2013.  For the next 10 months they tried to piece together all of his investment accounts, safe deposits boxes, insurance policies, online accounts, etc. 

It was during this time that they envisioned a better way to prepare for that moment when death occurs.  Jon & Michelle created a program called My Life and Wishes that helps survivors easily discover where every important document, file, password, and account is stored, and be able to retrieve the information from one location.

Jon shares their story in this podcast episode, and will make you laugh as he challenges you to consider if you've "thoughtfully prepared" so that your family doesn't feel unnecessary stress and grief.  For more information, please visit their website at

Jon has also written a book called, Click Here When I Die, that describes in detail what steps need to be taken to put your personal affairs in order before it's too late.  You can purchase it here on Amazon.  

Jon offers a free guide "10 Things You Need to Know" on his website at  

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Interview with Jon Braddock of My Life and Wishes