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Jul 17, 2020

We’re playing The Death Deck again! What would your epitaph say? What words would you use to describe yourself on your tombstone? Helen and Jerry have some unexpected answers.  We’re also connecting you with a new resource - Funeralocity.  The Funeralocity website has information on numerous aspects of funerals, including cremation, grief, how to celebrate a legacy, and funeral planning and costs.  Hospice professionals can also find help in the Hospice Portal with guidance on advance care conversations and funeral planning. Funeralocity also connects you with high quality funeral homes and cemeteries to help you choose the funeral professionals you want.  Information about veteran benefits for funerals is also included.  Check out the valuable guidance that Funeralocity can provide!  You’ll get more support and encouragement from  We’ve got resources for patients and their families, caregivers, and end of life professionals. Send any questions or comments to  Your hospice journey is not forgotten. You are The Heart of Hospice.