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Mar 10, 2023

Martha Ranon learned first hand what it’s like to be a personal caregiver, and now she’s working to support and empower other caregivers.  Along with the team at the Southern Resource Caregiver Center (SCRC), Martha is educating unpaid family caregivers on caregiving and self care.  Martha’s first encounter with caregiving was with her great aunt.  Those caregiving responsibilities grew over time as her aunt’s needs expanded, to the point where the decision was made to move her aunt into Martha’s home.  Full time work, having children, and raising her family were all happening while Martha was providing care for her aunt.  The special considerations of caring for someone with dementia also challenged Martha and her family.  They found ways to grow and thrive during their caregiving journey.  

Martha has channeled her caregiving wisdom into her career as Executive Vice President of the Southern Resource Caregiver Center.  The assistance she received motivated her to give back by volunteering and becoming further involved as a member of their Board of Directors. Her background in health and public policy has allowed her to forge relationships and collaborations with community leaders, businesses, elected officials, and philanthropists in order to develop programs and services that benefit the community. Having worked directly with several local and state elected officials managing constituent services, further developed her advocacy acumen taking her to Sacramento and Washington DC to increase awareness of health-related policies. Additionally, she has testified on behalf of family caregivers before the California Commission on Aging to expand the benefits and resources for those who care for others.

Martha uses her extensive public speaking skills to bring education programs to community groups throughout San Diego County including being a guest lecturer at San Diego State University, School of Social Work, and teaching a course in Gerontology titled “Diversity and Aging.”

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