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May 20, 2022

How's your self-care these days? We're getting back to the basics of care of body, mind, and spirit. Maybe your self care got off track during the pandemic, but it’s always a good time to do a care inventory.  It’s important to ask yourself 5 things about your self care:  1) Is it affordable?  2) Is it sustainable?  3) Is it enjoyable?  4) Is it flexible?  5)  Is it actionable? 

Here’s what we know about self care.  You have to like what you choose to do (enjoyable).  You might need to change it at a moment’s notice (flexible).  It needs to be something you can do for the long term (sustainable). Your activities must be within your budget (affordable).  Self-care activities have to be realistic for you, something you can actually do (actionable).   

Start your self-care - get an accountability partner and get started taking care of your whole self.  Mind, body, and spirit, all of your Self matters!  

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