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Feb 25, 2022

Social worker and Death Deck co-creator Lisa Pahl is with us for part 3 of our Grief Series in collaboration with Gabby Jimenez of The Hospice Heart.  Lisa is sharing tips for grief that lasts for years.  We can’t take away the grief of someone else, but we can provide support and comfort through presence and touch.  Something as simple as holding a hand and being quiet with someone can be helpful.  Lisa also encourages participation in grief support groups.  It’s important to engage in groups, resources, or even apps that work for the griever’s needs and ability to use technology.  Hospice bereavement teams follow with families for up to a year following the patient’s death but sometimes that’s not long enough. How do we care for people who seem to be stuck in their grief for years following the death?  Lisa recommends talking with a grief specialist or counselor. There are so many feelings to process in grief, and having a safe, trusted person to talk to is a huge help.  Remember you’re not alone and there’s help out there for your grief.  

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