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Jul 3, 2020

Another great game to start those difficult (horrible, awkward) conversations about advance care planning!   A set of Heart2Hearts cards comes with 52 conversation starters to ease discussions about wishes at end-of-life.   Developed by licensed social worker Lisa Newburger, the cards are easy to use and versatile.  There are three different ways to utilize the cards.  Cost is only $14.99 per deck so it’s super affordable.  Your agency or company can order quantities of 500 or more with your logo on the back.  Find more information about the Heart2Hearts cards on the Discuss Directives website.  Looking for more information and resources for advance care planning conversations with your family or your patients?  Check out the resources page on The Heart of Hospice website.  Have questions for Helen or Jerry about hospice care?  Send an email to  We’re always happy to hear from you - you are The Heart of Hospice!