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Feb 14, 2020

It’s easy to find a calming moment inside the day when you listen to the Meditative Story podcast. It’s a weekly podcast that “blends intimate first-person stories with mindfulness prompts, enveloped in beautiful music composition”. 

As the narrators of the stories share their moments of insight, the incredible music flows around you like a silky warm wind. You can create an interval in your day that refreshes and refocuses your mind.  Meditative Story is much more than just an audio experience; it’s a feeling, a renewal of spirit, a deep cleansing breath that connects the listener not only with narrators, but also with himself.

The podcast is a “WaitWait original series - created by the team who built and led TED’s media organization - in close partnership with Arianna Huffington’s thrive Global.” 

Check out the Meditative Story podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, (Spotify, Apple podcasts). 

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