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Feb 11, 2022

Welcome to our series on grief in collaboration with Gabby Jimenez of The Hospice Heart, featuring grief experts Isabel Stenzel and Lisa Pahl of The Death Deck.  Gabby, a hospice nurse, began noticing an increase in questions about grief on her Facebook group for The Hospice Heart.  She’s partnered with us at The Heart of Hospice to bring you this six part series on grief.  We’re going to be talking about numerous topics related to grief, including grief that seems to last for longer than it should, when to seek professional help for your grief, grieving for one person while caregiving for another person, and how to support grieving children.  Subject experts Isabel and Lisa will join in the discussions to provide guidance on resources and solutions to honor your grief, as well as the grief of your friends and family.  Subscribe to the podcast to hear this great series on navigating grief and loss.  You can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, or listen on The Heart of Hospice website.  Don’t miss this great series on grief!   

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