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Mar 11, 2022

In episode 5 in our Grief Series in partnership with Gabby Jimenez of The Hospice Heart, hospice social worker Lisa Pahl of the Death Deck is back to talk with us about managing grief for a loved one while still providing care for someone else.  Multiple losses can be overwhelming, and Lisa reminds there’s no magic answer.  It’s important to assess whether you can step back from current caregiving responsibilities and let someone else take on some of the work, even if it’s only temporary.  Hospice professionals have to ask themselves the same question as they move from patient to patient.  Being specific about what’s needed when we’re grieving is helpful as well.  It can be overwhelming for a griever to have to make another decision about asking for help from other people.  When you offer to help a griever, it can help to offer a specific service, task, or support.  Sitting at a bedside, running errands, cooking a meal, babysitting for children are all good ways to ease the caregiving burden.  This can take some responsibility off the griever, and make their burden a little lighter. Connect with Gabby Jinenez and The Hospice Heart at Find information about The Death Deck and Lisa Pahl at Find more information about hospice philosophy, end of life care, and self care for both personal and professional caregivers here

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