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Mar 18, 2022

We’re wrapping up our Grief Series in collaboration with Gabby Jimenez of The Hospice Heart, featuring social workers Isabel Stenzel and Lisa Pahl of The Death Deck.  After discussing prolonged grief, helping children manage grief, and dealing with grief for someone while still providing care for someone else, we’ve grown in our understanding of how grief affects our lives.  Gabby says that being stuck in grief really hit home with her.  The situation of being unable to move through grief is very real.  For Helen, Isabel’s guidance about how children grief was so helpful.  As Isabel said, “If you’re old enough to love, you’re old enough to grieve”.  Sometimes it’s hard to look beyond our own personal grief to consider the emotions and needs of someone else. Jerry talked about how grief can last for years, and those emotions can wash over us when we least expect it.  The Heart of Hospice was honored to collaborate with The Hospice Heart, and to share the wisdom that Isabel and Lisa have to share.

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