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Dec 16, 2022

We're talking with Hospice Nurse Penny about how her TikTok videos  about end of life care have become a social media phenomenon.  After finding her way to hospice nursing, Penny Smith realized there was a big gap in accurate information about end of life care.  She decided to educate people in a unique way, utilizing social media.  With videos, reels, and dancing, Penny helps expand understanding of hospice care.  She normalizes the dying process and helps people to be more comfortable with someone who’s dying.  Penny says she gets the biggest response from videos about end of life visioning (seeing dead people or pets) and the dancing videos.  Her video about eating at the end of life has over a million views.  Using a fun medium, Penny Smith is making a difference in end of life care. 

Penny Smith's bio -

Penny Smith is a nationally certified hospice and palliative care registered nurse. She has been a hospice nurse for 17 years and worked in a variety of care settings and roles within hospice including inpatient, home case management, education, quality and regulatory. She currently works as a hospice quality manager.  Penny is a passionate advocate for hospice education with a mission to normalize the end-of-life process to remove the stigma and fear around hospice care, death and dying. During the pandemic Penny found her way to social media and discovered a unique way to utilize her death care expertise to provide education to a worldwide audience at a grassroots level. Using a variety of teaching styles including Tiktok trends, dark humor, dancing and storytelling, she has gathered over 450,000 followers on Tiktok and 100,000 on Instagram as @hospicenursepenny.

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