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Dec 6, 2022

Hospice social worker Nathan Yemane is meeting the needs of his community by opening the first black-owned hospice agency in Washington State and carrying on his father’s legacy of service. Nathan grew up in Washington, has his masters in Social Work, and in 2013 obtained his clinical license in social work. He has worked in healthcare since 2010, primarily in the hospice field. Nathan and his business partner David Turner were awarded a Certificate of Need approval from the DOH to establish the first Black-owned hospice in Washington State. Nathan recognized the end of life needs of people of color in King County.  Studies show African Americans have the highest mortality rate from 3 of the most common 4 hospice diagnoses, and yet utilization of hospice is reduced. As an agency owner, Nathan is serving his community in a unique way. Opening a hospice agency in Washington State takes numerous steps, resulting in the awarding of a Certificate of Need by the state. It’s a grueling process, but Nathan and his team were patient and persistent.  He’s passionate about educating and serving the people of King County and correcting the racial disparity among hospice patients.

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