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May 15, 2022

Certified Dementia Practitioner Nicole Shute is talking with us about CareStory and its mission to make caring a collaborative effort between caregivers and families.  According to the CareStory website, CareStory is “a non-medical digital solution approach to bridge the gap between aging populations, their families, and caregivers. It provides individualized holistic person-centered care for senior residents and just-in-time support to caregivers by engaging families through the use of smart devices.  Each resident’s profile has a quick fact page, personalized music, life stories, and video messages that can greatly facilitate caregivers’ daily jobs.”  Nicole and the CareStory team provide a multi-faceted platform featuring messaging, photo and video sharing, and more in a way that makes coordination between caregivers, family members, and friends easier.  If you’re a family member interested in creating a CareStory profile for your loved one, click here.  If you’re a staff member or administrator of a facility and you’d like to request a CareStory demo, click here.

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