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Sep 18, 2020

We’re continuing to focus on the small habits that can make your Self Care successful in this third episode in our Atomic Self Care series.  Gratitude as part of Self Care benefits us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are so many ways to practice being thankful.  It’s easy, inexpensive, and a great investment in your healthy Self!  Journal it.  Say it out loud like a mantra.  Write it on a sticky note and put it where you’ll see it every day.  Find a partner and share your gratitude lists on a daily basis.  Sharing your thankful attitude can encourage someone else while you encourage yourself.  Expressing gratitude can create a culture of thankfulness in an office or a team - try it during an interdisciplinary team meeting.  The Heart of Hospice is here to support your healthy Self Care. Find more ways to stay healthy at  Check out our archived podcasts for more content on Self Care. We care about your hospice journey - you are The Heart of Hospice!