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Sep 25, 2020

The stress of the pandemic has tested our Self Care habits. Taking care of your whole Self through healthy nutrition is more important than ever!  In this fourth episode on Atomic Self Care, we’re breaking down nutrition habits into super small pieces.  How we eat affects us as whole individuals, affecting mind, body, and spirit.  Comfort eating according to emotions doesn’t always encourage the healthiest choices. Try planning out your meals and snacks to eliminate unhealthy or impulsive food choices.  The Choose My Plate website is a great resource for meal planning.  If you’re a caregiver with limited time, focus on fresh, whole foods.  And don’t forget to drink water!  Find a friend who has the same goals for nutrition as you do and agree to be accountability partners.  We want you to be the best for your caregiving journey.  Find more help for your Self Care regimen at  We’re here to share your hospice journey - you are The Heart of Hospice!