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Dec 4, 2020

Feeling a little stressed by the holiday season?  Jerry and Helen talk about having a plan to keep yourself healthy - body, mind, and spirit.  While all the holiday fun is tempting, it’s a good idea to keep some balance with your habits.  Self care is so important!  Stick with routines for sleep and nutrition.  Find ways to feed your spirit even if your faith family isn’t gathering during the pandemic.  Your journey still matters.  The Heart of Hospice remembers that.  We have more support for you at  Self care resources, information on advance care planning and basic hospice  philosophy 101 are on the website to enhance your hospice journey.  If you’re an end of life professional needing mentoring and coaching, email us at host@theheartofhospice to sign up for a free 30 minute mentoring session with Jerry or Helen.  Remember, you are The Heart of Hospice!