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Mar 25, 2022

Financial burden is a real problem for over 55 million caregivers across the U.S. What money issues do people need to consider before they take on the caregiving role?  Often a caregiver has many roles, including being a full time wage earner and other family caregiving responsibilities like kids.  Caregivers spent an average of $7000 of their own money in 2017 for things like medical expenses, legal fees, and paid caregiving help.  It’s important to stay informed, and to think about the financial needs in advance if you can.  Keep in mind the financial health of both the one needing care and the caregiver. Think about sustainability - how long can you afford to maintain a caregiving system?  Is a caregiving system home feasible?  Caregivers have health care needs, too.  Not all partners or family members are physically able to care for a loved one.  What if you live separately from the one needing care, possibly at a long distance?  The costs of travel can mount.  With the expectation that care needs will expand as a patient’s condition declines toward end of life, a village of caregivers becomes essential.  Be proactive with these discussions, if you have the luxury of time. There are resources available - take time to check them out.  One great option is AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).  Find more caregiver support at

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