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Apr 29, 2022

Choosing hospice care can be a very difficult decision, whether it’s for yourself or someone you are about. It’s important to respect those choices.  Most people who decide to utilize hospice care have experienced a serious illness.  Sometimes there’s been a catastrophic health event that limits someone’s life expectancy.  It’s easy to judge someone else’s choices from an outsider perspective.  Even hospice and end of life professionals criticize the choice not to accept hospice care when the referral is made by the healthcare community.  It’s important to remember that we might not have all the information about a person’s illness or disease trajectory.  People usually do a lot of living before they arrive in a situation where hospice is appropriate.  Oftentimes there’s a desire to continue treatment to sustain hope, an unwillingness to let go of even the smallest chance of improvement.  The need to respect a person’s end of life wishes has to be stronger than guilt or grief.  So be supportive of someone’s decision to embrace hospice, or to delay it.  The decision is what the patient says it is. 

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