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Jun 24, 2019

Ellen Goodman is a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, an award-winning journalist, an author of 7 books, and the co-founder of The Conversation Project. She recently shared with The Heart of Hospice hosts her most personal story of being her mother’s caregiver, and how it inspired her to create The Conversation Project.

Ellen shared her story of being her mother’s caregiver and decision maker, and being uncertain of her mother’s wishes because they had never had THE conversation.  “We talked about everything except one thing: how she wanted to live at the end of her life.” The goal of The Conversation Project is to help people facilitate THE conversation about their end of life wishes.  

Our sincerest gratitude to Ellen Goodman for taking the time to sit down with us and share her wisdom, insights, and humor. To learn more about Ellen you can visit her website,  To learn more about The Conversation Project and how they help people start their end of life conversations, please visit their website here.

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