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Sep 17, 2021

Utilizing every discipline on the hospice interdisciplinary team helps to ensure the best outcomes and quality of care. Here 's why. Each member of a hospice team brings unique skills along with specialized training to the care of a seriously ill patient, and their caregivers, too.  Nurses (RNs, LVNs/LPNs), doctors, and nurse practitioners manage the clinical parts of patient care.  Spiritual counselors (or chaplains) care for the spiritual health of the patient, for all possible faith systems or beliefs.  Psychosocial needs (mental and emotional health needs) are managed by the social worker.  An aide provides personal care such as assistance with showering, bed baths, catheter care (cleaning only), linen changes, and other light household tasks specifically for the patient.  Volunteers provide not only companionship, but a myriad of other services.  The special connection between hospice volunteers and their patients and caregivers is one of the best things about hospice care!  By allowing all the different members of the hospice team to provide care, patients have enriched care.  Caregivers receive additional support, resources, and education.  

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