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Feb 24, 2023

Plan ahead so you leave a legacy, not a mess. Great advice from CPA Jody Giles, author of the Missing Pieces Plan. 

According to her website, Jody is “the author of the Missing Pieces Plan, a book designed to help people plan for end-of-life. The “missing pieces” are what Jody feels are the most important pieces in a financial plan however, they are often the most neglected. When included, these pieces offer the greatest sense of peace of mind and a priceless gift to loved ones.  After a cross-country move and other life events, Jody realized there were many “pieces” missing in her own family’s plan and that no resource existed to help fill in those pieces. She was driven to write the Missing Pieces Plan and help other families fill in their missing pieces and gain peace of mind. Jody has dedicated over 20 years to advising families on their financial and philanthropic plans and wants to help others fill in the missing pieces and leave a lasting love letter to their loved ones.”

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