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Apr 22, 2022

Words, terms, and acronyms - it’s important to know how to speak the language to get the best quality hospice you can.  When you’re in an unfamiliar situation, understanding the terms that are being used will help you to manage things better.  There’s a lot of stress when someone is experiencing a serious illness, starting hospice, or communicating with a hospice interdisciplinary team.  Professionals should use words that patients and caregivers understand, not leave them with more questions and increased anxiety. Listen to the whole episode for examples of the common terms you might hear in end of life care!

Patients and their caregivers should ask questions, and repeat those questions as needed. It’s ok to ask for clarification.  Hospice providers should provide answers in a way that’s understandable, verbal and/or written.  Interdisciplinary team members should never become impatient or irritated when asked for additional information.  It’s important for those persons receiving care to know exactly what’s being discussed.  Knowing the meaning of hospice terms will help enhance the care experience.

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