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Jul 7, 2023

The death of Leilani Maxera’s grandmother changed her, propelling her into a career path she hadn’t predicted. Now she’s a social worker, a home funeral advocate, and a grief worker supporting families who experienced Medical Aid in Dying.  Hospice was never offered to her grandmother, and this made Leilani an outspoken advocate for advance care planning and end of life care.  She’s also a spokesperson for home funerals, and sits on the board of the National Home Funeral Alliance.  Leilani provides capacity evaluations for people who are considering Medical Aid in Dying.  Those evaluations are required by the state of Hawaii as part of the MAID process.  She’s working to correct the misinformation out there about MAID and to reduce the stigma attached to a MAID death.  

As the owner of Kaipuokaualoku in Hawaii, Leilani provides individual counseling, grief counseling, and grief support for individuals who have experienced Medical Aid in Dying with a loved one.  A safe, nonjudgmental space to talk is important for someone who’s had a MAID loss.  

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