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Jun 16, 2023

Mi Alma is helping grievers by bringing together friends, family, and coworkers to provide the help they need most.   Co-founders Jordan and Scott  Arogeti realized we’re not very good at supporting grievers.  They’ve created a place that provides opportunities to record legacies through photos, videos, and memory sharing. It was important to Jordan and Scott that Mi Alma’s services provide a sense of intergenerational connection.  

Mi Alma was also created with the purpose of making loss feel less lonely.  Mi Alma’s Support Registry includes:

  • Funds: Crowdsource support for medical bills, funeral costs, and more.

  • Food: Direct supporters toward Mealtrain, meals, and grocery needs.

  • Volunteer: Organize lists of volunteers for tasks, to-dos, and in-person help.

  • Memories: Collect pictures and stories in one place

Mi Alma’s site provides one-stop shopping, allowing users to offer whatever support they’re able to give according to the specific needs of those who are grieving.  In a time when we’re distanced and unsure of what to do when there’s a loss, Mi Alma offers grievers a place to communicate their customized needs.  That includes meals, volunteer needs, financial assistance, and the sharing of memories.  They’re supporting grievers by leading with empathy.  Jordan’s Big Pop would be so proud. 

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