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Dec 24, 2021

We’re looking back on 2021 and all the changes it brought for the hospice industry.  Some of the changes were good, and some of the changes were challenging.  Staffing shortages, waiting lists for patients to be admitted to hospice, regulatory changes, and shortages of PPE were a few of the obstacles hospice teams all over the country face.  2021 also brought some changes that improved the care we provide.  Learning to use technology to keep our team members updated and keep patients connected with their loved ones became a strength for end of life professionals.  The Heart of Hospice podcast featured some fantastic guests this year - be sure to check out all our archived podcasts on The Heart of Hospice website on the Listen page.  Stay connected with us!  We’ve got great plans for 2022 and we’d love for you to share our hospice journey.  You are The Heart of Hospice.

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