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Mar 22, 2019

March is #SocialWorkMonth and we want to recognize and celebrate the outstanding work of the hospice social worker. In this episode we celebrate the champions of the hospice interdisciplinary team: the social worker. 

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A hospice social worker faces many challenging situations in caring for hospice patients and their families. 

  • Assess the caregiving system
  • Provide referrals for community resources & assistance, etc.
  • Lead family conferences
  • Communicate with Red Cross, VA, prison system
  • Coordinate with Veterans organizations (VA benefits for burial, ceremonial)
  • Patient placement in facilities
  • Advance Care Planning (living wills, MPOA, DNR, POLST)
  • Bereavement support/counseling for complicated grief needs
  • Community referrals for special grief needs (in coordination with chaplain)
  • Provide respite assistance
  • Advocating for patient rights
  • And more.....

To learn more about the services of social workers you can visit the National Association of Social Workers at this link.  

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