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Dec 15, 2021

Life coach and author Robert Pardi joins us in this episode to share his extraordinary caregiving story.  Robert cared for his wife Desiree for 11 years after she was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer.  He became her caregiver, coach, advocate, and eventually her hospice.  His book Chasing Life is about the resiliency and meaning they built throughout her illness, and how Robert created meaning in his life after Desiree’s death. As a caregiver, Robert felt honored to be trusted with Desiree’s care.  He became a unique advocate for her, receiving all the medical information and test results on his wife’s behalf, all at her choice.  Chasing Life describes a couple who lived life fully despite grief and embraced joy despite loss.  Robert’s caregiving wisdom is woven all throughout his story which he so generously shares.  

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