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May 23, 2020

Just hearing Zen Buddhist and board certified chaplain Jon Prescott’s voice is enough to reassure us in today’s Connection Moment.  Jon partners with us as a return guest to encourage his hospice colleagues in their work during the pandemic. 

He reminds us that we are enough to meet the challenges we’re currently experiencing.  Recognizing the changes that are coming at us both in our personal lives and our professional roles, Jon invites hospice professionals to remember they have the skills to take care of all the needs of our seriously ill patients. 

Trust yourselves.  Remember the strength you bring to the care of your patients and families is what they need.  Your strength is enough.  It will be there when you need it.  Connect with Jon on to find his work and wisdom. 

Remember you’re not alone.  You can find us 24/7 at  You are The Heart of Hospice.