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May 12, 2023

Death doulas Jo-Anne Haun and Karen Henderickson are bringing value to the care of people with serious illnesses. They’re the co-founders of Death Doula Network International (DDNI), a passionate community committed to connection, support &  education for ANYONE interested in Death Literacy & Positivity.  Jo-Anne and Karen are working to dispel misinformation about the work that death doulas (also known at end of life doulas) do.  Here’s what the DDNI website says about who they are.  “We are practicing Death Doulas, EOL  & Death Educators, and Planning Specialists.  We have met with many Death Doulas just like you, and consistently hear your longing for an active death doula network focused on gathering like minds together, with a focused intention on building relationships, making personal connections, growing yourselves, your knowledge, your work, and the Death Doula industry.  More than just death education and learning,  you want heartfelt connection and camaraderie.  You want a true collective where we help each other to grow our relationships, our knowledge, our businesses and the industry.” 

Karen and Jo-Anne are educating healthcare workers about the role of the death doula, and supporting death doulas as they companion patients and their caregivers.  Their passion and dedication show up in their work every day. 


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