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Apr 1, 2017

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, and we're excited to feature one of our hospice colleagues, Lillie Boudreaux, who works as a volunteer coordinator.  As a volunteer coordinator Lillie recruits, trains, and organizes the wonderful people who volunteer in hospice.  

In this interview, Lillie tells us how she finds people to volunteer, the amount of hours that is required to train a volunteer, and the many jobs that volunteers perform inside hospice. 

As you can imagine, the work that Lillie does as a volunteer coordinator can be long and arduous.  So we asked Lillie what are her favorite healthy self care practices.  She reveals her self care practices for mind, body and spirit.  

From all of us at The Heart of Hospice, we say thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers, and to the volunteer coordinators who create the experiences that our patients and families cherish.  

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