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Feb 1, 2018

Tom Batiuk is the creative mind behind the comic strip "Funky Winkerbean."  Tom began drawing Funky over 45 years ago when he was still a middle school teacher in Ohio.  Funky Winkerbean is published in over 400 newspapers across the U.S.  

Helen & Jerry had the opportunity to talk with Tom recently about how humor can have a positive affect on the mind, body, and spirit, even during difficult and stressful times. 

Tom created a character in Funky's story line who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her name was Lisa.  Tom used her story for many good purposes, including the use of humor for self care to alleviate the effects of disease, and the side effects of aggressive, prolonged treatments.  

In 2007, the Lisa's Legacy Fund was started to raise funds for cancer research and education.  To learn more about Lisa's Legacy Fund, go here

A new book about Lisa's story has recently been released called Lisa's Legacy Trilogy. This box set includes the complete story of Lisa's life as it unfolded in the pages of Funky Winkerbean.  

Listen to our interview for more about Tom's personal story, and about how humor can play a positive role in our lives.  

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