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May 7, 2021

Do you know what a hospice nurse really does? In the first episode of our Fact or Fiction series, we’re sharing the facts about hospice nursing - the perfect topic for Nurses Week!  The hospice nurse isn’t there to make decisions for patients and caregivers, but to offer support, education, along with clinical care.  While the nurse will teach about medications and hospice philosophy, the patient makes all the decisions.  Hospice nurses also know there’s more to end of life care than just medications.  The nurse should offer different modalities to take care of patients, and to work with the whole hospice interdisciplinary team to provide the best care.  Hospice nurses never accelerate a death.  They also don’t seek to prolong life.  The goal is always to provide care that enhances quality of life for patients.  Stay tuned for the next few weeks to hear the facts about the other members of the hospice team in our Fact or Fiction series!  Our sponsor for today’s episode is Hospice of Southern Maine.  Hospice of Southern Maine is the only Medicare-certified hospice agency serving Cumberland and York counties.  Hospice of Southern Maine is proud to bring you the 10th Annual Anne L. Hunter Memorial Thresholds Conference.  For only $35, registrants can participate virtually in this year’s conference,  “The Art and Science of Dying: Death as a Part of Life” featuring Barbara Karnes, author of “the little blue book” Gone from my Site, and Dr. B.J. Miller, well-known hospice physician.  Reserve your place for the 2021 Thresholds conference May 20, 1:00pm - 4:30pm ET by clicking here.  You can find more information about hospice care and philosophy at  The Heart of Hospice is here to support you.  Send questions and comments to  We’ll send you a personal reply.  Whether you’re a hospice professional or an unpaid caregiver for someone who’s seriously ill, your end of life journey matters. You are The Heart of Hospice.