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May 14, 2021

The hospice physician and nurse practitioner play key roles in the care of hospice patients. In today's episode we’re sharing facts about what the hospice doc and NP really do.  It’s important to remember the patient (or a designated decision maker) is in charge of the care the patient receives.  The hospice physician or the attending doctor the patient chooses guides the hospice plan of care.  The nurse practitioner sometimes works alongside the hospice doctor to provide an additional layer of care, often performing Face to Face visits that Medicare requires to recertify a patient for continuing hospice services.  The hospice physician and NP collaborate closely with the other members of the hospice interdisciplinary team to provide the best possible care for seriously ill patients.  Find more information about the members of the hospice team and the care they provide to patients and their caregivers at    We’d love to hear from you - send questions to Helen and Jerry at  Your end of life journey matters.  We never forget.  You are The Heart of Hospice.