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Mar 3, 2017

In this Five for Friday, Helen and Jerry discuss the hospice terms that can be very confusing to patients and caregivers.  Hospice professionals use these terms on a daily basis, and we often forget that patients/caregivers may not understand what they mean.  

To help relieve some of the confusion, we put together this short episode to define and explain some of the terms most often used in hospice.  

Our spotlight this week is the 50th anniversary of St. Christopher's Hospice in England.  St. Christopher's Hospice was started by Dame Cicely Saunders in 1967 in London.  This is where the modern hospice movement began.  We also want to recognize the many hospice professionals in the UK who carry on the mission of hospice, including Tracey Bleakley, the CEO of HospiceUK; Julie Gorry, the CEO of Wirral Hospice; and Keelan Early, the volunteer coordinator at Claire House. 

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