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Apr 7, 2017

In this Five for Friday we discuss the purpose of a DNR.  DNR means Do Not Resuscitate

Do Not Resuscitate forms communicate a person’s wish that CPR not be initiated if the heart or breathing stops.  It’s a major part of end of life care for many patients and their families, as well as the hospice professionals providing their care.

Other states and countries have forms for use as DNR instructions.  These documents are part of advance care planning that all terminally ill patients should consider.  

But it’s so much more than just a form.  It’s a life altering decision (literally).  It’s a declaration that impacts not only the life of the hospice patient, but the lives of their families and caregivers as well.

For more information about advance directives, please visit these websites: - National Healthcare Decisions Day - Go Wish cards are used to initiate end of life decision-making.