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Jun 9, 2017

June 15-22 is National Nursing Assistants Week, and we at The Heart of Hospice want to honor and recognize those who are at the heart of caring for the hospice patient.  Nursing Assistants, or Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA) are the ones that provide the most hands-on care for the patient.  

A social worker once commented that if the social worker, or chaplain, or nurse didn't show up, no one would miss us.  But if the CNA didn't show up, someone would be on the phone wanting to know where they were.  CNA's are welcomed with open arms and often bond with the patient and family more than any other member of the team.  They are in the patient's home more often than any other member of the hospice team.  

In this episode, Helen & Jerry explain the many ways hospice CNA's provide such amazing care to the hospice patient.  For more information about nursing assistants week, be sure and visit our website at