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Aug 11, 2017

Whether it's been a difficult day or an amazing day, self care after work should still be an important part of your daily routine.  Helen & Jerry share some strategies to make self care a daily priority.

How do you keep from taking your work home with you?  It's easy for hospice professionals to do that when you're passionate about your work.  Burnout, compassion fatigue, and harmed family relationships can take it's toll when you take your work home with you.  

It's easy to put off taking care of yourself by rationalizing that it's been a hard day and you don't feel like following your self care plan.  Or you can rationalize after a good day that you don't need to follow your self care plan.  So when are you going to follow your self care plan?  Make a commitment to follow it every day.  

Here's some strategies to make self care a priority after work. 

1. Take off your "work" clothes, and put on your "personal" clothing. 

2. Wash off the day. Take a shower or a bath.

3. If you mentally review your day (who doesn't), give yourself a time limit. Don't review your day through the rest of the evening.

4. Turn off your work phone.  If you're not on call, you shouldn't be answering your work phone.  

Create some self-imposed boundaries to encourage your own self care.  There are many rewards when you practice healthy self care.