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Sep 22, 2017

As hospice professionals, we believe very strongly in 2 things:

1) Empowering people to create advance directives regarding their health care. 

2) Using smartphone apps.

Ok, so #2 is not really something we believe in that strongly. However, this 5 for Friday podcast shares an incredible smartphone app that can help empower people to create advance directives regarding their health care decisions.  

MyDirectives is an app that allows anyone to create an advance directive on their iPhone (not available on Android devices) that will communicate their health care wishes for them if they're unable to communicate for themselves.  

An advance directive can be created using the app, by selecting from a list of options provided, or you can simply write your own.  It also allows you to record your own video! This gives healthcare professionals and first-responders the information they need to provide the care that you want when you're unable to communicate.  

For more information, please visit their website at Or visit the Apple store on your iPhone or iPad.  

(There is no affiliation between MyDirectives and The Heart of Hospice).

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