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Oct 6, 2017

October 9-16 is Hospice Care Week in the United Kingdom, and we wanted to honor and recognize our hospice colleagues in Great Britain for the tremendous work that they do in end of life care.  

The modern hospice movement was begun in Great Britain through the work of Dame Cicely Saunders in the 1950's.  Through her passion and efforts, St. Christopher's Hospice was founded in 1967, and they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.  

For more information about the tremendous work that's being done through the leadership of HospiceUK, please visit their website at  You will also find more information about Hospice Care Week on their website. 

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Tracey Bleakley (CEO) and the member organizations of HospiceUK.  Congratulations on another great year.